Q. How do I purchase a beat/instrumental?
A. Click on the "Add To Cart" button located to the far right of the song name. After that, you can either add more songs to your cart or proceed to checkout. To finalize your order, click on the "Checkout" button located at the top of the page. 

Q. What forms of payment(s) are accepted on this site?
A. Currently, PayPal is the only accepted form of payment on this website.

Q. Is this website Paypal Verified?
A. Yes. Click Below.
Official PayPal Seal

Q. I've purchased a beat/instrumental, but I haven't received a download link yet, what should I do?
A. First, log on to the email address you used to purchase the track(s) and check your spam/bulk folder for the link(s). If the links are not there, send a message to SBtracks@gmail.com with the beat name and date of purchase & we'll gladly re-send the files.

Q. Do any of the beats/instrumentals on this site use samples from other songs? Must I get anything cleared before I can use the track?

A. No, we do not sample anything from other songs. Everything you get is 100% original/legit.

Q. Am I allowed to use the beat(s) that I purchased for my demo / mixtape / album / etc?
A. Yes. Check below for info on licensing restrictions.

Q. Are there any restrictions for using beats purchased? What about royalties?
A. Depending on which category you fall into, the restrictions are as follows:

Recording Artists:
1. If you are an upcoming/independent artist simply putting out a demo (commercial or non-commercial) to get heard, shop to record labels, etc., you are allowed to use the beats/instrumentals you have purchased freely without paying any further lease fees or royalties.

2. If you are an artist putting out a commercial album that will be mass produced (ex. - CDs, Digital MP3s, etc.), the restrictions go as follows:
  • A. If you are a registered member of a performing rights organization (PRO), such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc., you may sell an unlimited amount of units, with an even percentage of royalties being paid to SBtracks. For example, excluding the publisher, let's say the makeup of one of your songs consists of four members; the artist, the composer (SBtracks), the audio engineer, and the songwriter. A split of 100/4, will give each member an even 25%. This split however, is completely neogotiable. If you feel the division should be set differently, we can work something out to benefit everyone involved.
  • B. If you are not a member of a PRO, you are allowed to sell up to 5000 CDs or commercial recordings. Once this limit is reached, all you have to do is re-lease the beat(s) and you may continue to sell your album.

TV & Film Broadcasting:
1. If you are a commercial film maker, music library/publisher, broadcaster, etc., you are free to use any of the beats/instrumentals in any project, with 100% of the writers share being paid to SBtracks (BMI CAE # 598447781).
2. If you are a not for profit (NPO) company, student, etc., you may of the beats/instrumentals you have purchased freely without paying any further lease fees or royalties.

Q. What are Non-Exclusive and Exclusive licenses?
A. A Non-Exclusive license means a beat can be sold to more than one person. An Exclusive license means only one person can use the beat. Under BOTH licenses beat/instrumental credit must be given to Sean B. of SBtracks.

Q. How do I distinguish between a Non-Exclusive and Exclusive license when purchasing a beat/instrumental?
A. At the end of each song name, you'll see either an [NE] or [EX]. [NE] means Non-Exclusive license and [EX] means Exclusive license.

Q. Where can I find the Exclusive Rights beats/instrumentals?
A. At the end of the "Buy Beats" page, there is a category called "Exclusive Rights Instrumentals." All Exclusive license tracks beats will be listed there.

Q. Can I purchase a Non-Exclusive beat with an Exclusive license?
A. Unfortunately, almost all Non-Exclusive beats posted on this site have been sold at least once, and are linked to various licensing agencies, which cancels out exclusivity.

Q. Is SBtracks.com affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC?
A. Sean B. is registered with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) as a writer/composer (CAE # 598447781).

Q. Can I get a separated/tracked out version of a beat compatible for mixing in Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Cubase, Etc.?

A. Yes. Upon request only, if you've purchased a beat/instrumental from this site, and would like to have a fully tracked out .WAV version of the track (Compatible with almost all mixing software available; such as Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Cubase, Reaper, Audacity, etc), simply send an email to SBtracks@gmail.com containing the following information:
(A) Beat/Instrumental Name(s).
(B) Date of Purchase.
(C) Email address you used to purchase the Beats/Instrumental.

Within 48 hours, you will receive a SendSpace.com link containing a password protected .ZIP file (which contains the .WAV files).

***Please Note***
Due to an expanding volume of tracks being uploaded, it may take over 48 hours to receive your download links. In any case, we'll send you an email notifying you of any delay if this occurs.

Q. How much does it cost to get the track out .WAV files for track(s) purchased?

A. Currently, this service is free of charge.

Q. I received an email containing download links to the tracked out .WAV files for the beats/instrumentals I've purchased. How do I download & extract the files?
A. Follow this step-by-step tutorial:

-How To Download & Extract Track Out Packages-

For this tutorial, we will be using the files for “A Beat & A Dream (Instrumental)” as our example.

STEP # 1 – In the email you’ve received, locate the text containing the download links, which should be highlighted in blue.
In our example, the “A Beat & A Dream” instrumental has two links, denoted by the two red arrows in the image above.

STEP # 2 – Click on the first SendSpace.com download link.

In our example, the first SendSpace link is “http://www.sendspace.com/file/sb958e.”

STEP # 3 – You will now be redirected to a download page. Scroll down until see the "Click here to start download from sendspace" link, like in the image below.

STEP # 4
– Click on the "Click here to start download from sendspace" link.

STEP # 5 – A pop-up window will open up and you will be asked if you want to “Open”, “Save”, or “Cancel” the file. Click on “Save.”

STEP # 6 – Set the location to the folder where you want the file to be downloaded to. (In our example, we will be downloading the file to the desktop). Click on “Save.”

STEP # 7 – The file will now start to download to your computer. Wait until the download is complete before moving on to Step # 8.

STEP # 8 – Locate the downloaded file. It will be in folder that you set in Step # 6.

STEP # 9 – Repeat Steps #2-8 for the remaining download links. Once all files are fully downloaded, proceed to Step # 10.

In our example, we must repeat Steps #2-8 for the second SendSpace.com link.
STEP # 10 – Locate all of the files you have just downloaded. (In our example, we have two files: “A Beat & A Dream (Instruments).zip” and “A Beat & A Dream (Drums).zip”)

STEP # 11 – Use your mouse and select the first .zip file you’ve downloaded.

 In our example, the first file we downloaded was “A Beat & A Dream (Instruments).zip”

STEP # 12 – Right click the file. You should see some options similar to those in the image below. Click on “Extract All.”

STEP # 13 – A new window will open up. Click on “Extract.”

STEP # 14 – You will be asked to input a password.

Refer to the email to find the password needed.

In our example, the password is “SBTRACKS_DRM_HHMX_FTO.”

Please Note: If the password area says “***No Password Needed***,” you will not see the password box, therefore skip to Step # 17.

STEP # 15 – Enter the password in the text box.

STEP # 16 – Click “OK.” The file will now extract.

STEP # 17 – Repeat Steps #11-16 for the remaining files. Once finished, proceed to Step # 18.

In our example, we must repeat Steps #11-16 for the “A Beat & A Dream (Drums).zip”

STEP # 18 –You should now have folders containing the .WAV files for the track you’ve purchased.

Open each extracted folder to view the .WAV files. These are the files you will be importing into your mixing software.

You may delete the original .zip files since you have the extract folders now.

STEP # 19 – You can now use your mixing software to mix, re-arrange, or edit the track to your liking.

Q. If I have any questions or comments on a purchase or anything else I encounter on this site, how can I contact you?
A. Simply send a message to customerservice@sbtracks.com or SBtracks@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q. Are all beats on this site copyrighted?
A. Yes, we copyright all of our beats through www.copyright.gov.

Q. Can I copyright a song that was made with a beat purchased from this site?

A. Yes. We maintain beat credit and you maintain song/vocals/mix/etc credit. Head over to www.copyright.gov for more info on copyrighting your music.